Publications in Internationally Reviewed Journals
  • Can Fiscal Equalisation Mitigate Tax Competition? Ad Valorem, Residence-Based Taxation in a Federation.
    International Tax and Public Finance, forthcoming. [PDF]
Job Market Paper
  • Accountability and Subnational Tax Autonomy: When Do Politicians Lose Fiscal Interest? [PDF]
Work in Progress
  • A Soft Spot for Bailouts: Regional Affiliation in a Federal Government (with Amedeo Piolatto).
  • Voluntary Provision of Public Knowledge Goods: Group-Based Social Preferences and Coalition Formation (with Tom Dedeurwaerdere and Paolo Melindi-Ghidi). R&R at Economics of Innovation and New Technology. 
  • When to Play the Populist Card? Accountability, Tax Autonomy, and Regionalism
  • Invest-As-You-Go: Public Health Investment, Long-Term Care and Welfare (with Paolo Melindi-Ghidi).